Arapahoe Basin, CO

The highest lift serviced terrain in the US, 12,451’. Breathing in the parking lot, at 10,780’ (about the top of Vail) is difficult here.

A beautiful spring day at Arapahoe Basin, with Wendy hamming it up. And yes, that is Palavacini in the upper right.

Looking down/across the (famous) West Wall Cornice. Danny is the on the right and Pete Rogers on the left, checking it out.

Only skiing for a few years, and there goes Wendy for some air, her first cornice jump, and she landed it.

And there goes Pete. What form, amazing he landed that one.

How high is that cornice? That’s Danny - hiked back up to get an idea himself. No he didn’t fall off it, you’d fall 20-25’ before you hit ground.

Now Arapahoe Basin is famous for its west wall, but the East Wall is a pretty awesome as well as it drops off the side of the Continental Divide..

Dan and Wendy enjoying their first spring skiing at the Basin together. And yes, that is Palavacini in the background.

Danny and Pete Rogers checking out the higher jumps.

And there goes Danny.

And there goes Danny. Notice the difference in the form from Pete’s.

When you hike up without your skis, there’s only one way down, on your butt. The shorts did get a bit wet on that one.

The front of the mountain, International run, with those killer spring bumps.

And what would pictures of A-Basin be without some of Palavacini??? If you’ve been to the Basin, you never forgot this one!!!
That’s Rt 6, Loveland Pass in the background

Dan and Wendy doing a last look of the cornice before going home

Dan and Pete just hanging out after a great day on the slopes.